Gold and pearl (drops) in the Country

Dear Jackie,

Just spent a fabulous weekend in the country with Baker. We played Polo and Polo players and synchronized our swimming and braiding each others hair. I also got myself a new fabulous pearl necklace, an unexpected , yet warmly welcome surprise (Thank you Josh the pool boy).
As the night fell over the estate we would spend hours solving murder mysteries and sipping vintage wines. Just such a good way to spend a weekend - away from shopping and doing usual business. Now back in town and back at work; I am incredible busy shooting my next Versace campaign. You know, sometimes trading bonds only becomes a little boring.
Will I see you next weekend in Monaco? I am off with my new lover, the rock star I told you about, for a little treat. He will surly bore me quickly so what about a midday cocktail at my condo?

Goldie locks and golden tan,

Yours, Dawn