Dear Jackie,

I know you are loyal to Chanel's J12 high-tech ceramic watch, but perhaps you might be interested in trying something new for a change. You probably don't have a personal stylist, and you definitely don't need somebody to tell you what to wear. I like that about you.

However, I thought this might interest you. Artist and celebrity (in Ghana) Doug Fishbone produced this limited edition "Fishbone" Rolex art watch. You would be one of only 8 people to rock this beauty.

"Is this an official Rolex?" you may ask. "No Comment." I says.
"Did Fishbone get a counterfeit watch maker to put Fishbone on the face?"
Now, now. Put your doubts and queries aside. You dont even have to think about it.

The point is, Jackie, this here is a genuine piece of art. There are only 8 of these beauties in the entire world and you would do well to have one. Fishbone has major credentials. Young girls in Ghana collect his used towels and never wash the sweat off them so they can periodically inhale that unique Fishbone scent.

I was personally given (by Fishbone himself) a pair of limited edition Doug Fishbone thong panties. I wear them every once in a while when I want to feel like a celebrity.

You should try it!