Dear Jackie,

We at Dear Jackie have been very busy looking for the perfect Joan & Jackie Collins cocktails.

The Twinkle has gold sparkles in it, and it's delicious. What I really like about this cocktail is that some of the little gold sparkles stick around on the face and hands- its as if the drinker becomes more fabulous after having it, similar to how I feel after reading a Jackie Collins novel. However, The Twinkle has champagne in it and we know that you can't stand champagne. Therefor it's suitable for Joan since sometimes you can't stand her! We know how she enjoys sipping champaign with young hunks in her hotel suite. Perhaps you would prefer The Clover Club. It;s fuchsia with a creamy top and is also very delicious. They are both very Joan & Jackie Collins-esque because they are tasty, gorgeous, and never get old.

Will you and Joan be joining us for the party?

An elegant serving of 42 Below vodka stirred with elderflower cordial, served in a martini glass and topped with Champagne.

Origin: Created in 2002 by Tony Conigliaro at The Lonsdale, London. Tony founded the fabulous 69 Coleborook Row in London's East End.

To make:
  • 3 shots 42 Below (or favorite) vodka
  • ¾ shot St~Germain elderflower liqueur
  • Top up with Perrier Jouet brut Champagne
  • Add edible gold sparkles
SHAKE first 2 ingredients with ice and fine strain into chilled glass. Top with Champagne.

Bombay Sapphire shaken with raspberry syrup and lemon juice. Whipped into a creamy foam with a dash of albumen and Peychaud bitters, served in frozen martini glass.

Origin: Pre-dates Prohibition, The Clover Club cocktail is named for the Philadelphia men's club of the same name, which met in the Bellevue-Stratford hotel.

To make:

* 2 oz gin
* juice of 1/2 lemon
* 1/4 oz raspberry syrup
* 1 egg white
* 1 tsp sugar

SHAKE vigorously (more than normal to properly mix the egg and sugar) and strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Top with fresh raspberry.