Dear Jackie,

I know that you can hear the audio in this video clip but that's because you are tuned into your past, present, and future. For the rest of us, we have to read aloud the following transcription. This is from when I interviewed you *so* long ago! ;) This bit is from when you are talking about Fontaine Khaled, my *first* favorite Jackie Collins character...
(cue: play video now and read the following)
"Fontaine is a woman who’s completely obsessed with herself and what she can get out of life. She really doesn’t have a lot of integrity; she’s out for everything. She is a consumer in every way. She wants the best car, the best fur. She doesn’t care that it’s not politically correct to wear a fur. She wants the best men; she wants sex when she wants it. To Fontaine sex is a game and she plays Tony Blake."- Jackie Collins