This Friday Afternoon let us indulge in a Dry, Dirty Martini to celebrate a hard week of reading blog reports about Dirty Martinis.

DIRTY MARTINI (serves 2):

Plenty of Ice
4 shots of Gin
Dry Vermouth Bottle
2 Green Olives
Olive Brine to taste
2 Martini glasses (everyone should have at least 2 Martini glasses at home or work for such an occasion)

First, chill your glass. To do this just add water and ice and wait.
In your mixer (or a tall glass) add plenty of ice.
Add Gin.
Sniff Dry Vermouth or if you must, add a few drops to gin.
Stir vigorously.
Empty water and ice from glasses.
Strain Martini into glasses evenly.
Add Olive and a few drops of Olive brine.

Important Martini Enjoyment Tip: Drink your Martini in three swift gulps so as to not baby your drink or
god forbid
it not be ICE COLD.

Ching ching!