Dear Jackie,
It is important to exercise. I do 10 minutes of exercise everyday. Here is my formula:

  • 4x25 crunches
  • 2x20 push ups (girly kind)
  • 2x20 backward push ups (this works the triceps. Stand and face outward from a counter or table and make sure that it is secure. Bend elbows so that your arms are holding weight. Lift and repeat.)
  • 2x25 leg dips (with arms straight forward)
  • 2x25 seconds holding chair position (with arms forward)
  • 2x25 ankle thrusts both feet (stand next to a wall for balance. Push up with feet like when your wearing high heels. back to flat feet and repeat.)
  • 2x10 ankle thrusts with each leg.

The workout is finished but no workout is complete without the stretch!

  • Leg stretches: One at a time standing and pushing against the wall and hold for 20 seconds, repeat.
  • Arm stretches: Stand with both arms above your head and stretch toward ceiling. Now bring arms to each side wall (Yoga people call this half-moon position.) Hold for 20 seconds each.
  • Back stretch: Keep arms above you and stretch to the back wall while bending back and hold for 15 seconds.
  • Overall stretch: Then bring hands to floor in front of you and grab the back of your ankles. Hold for 30 seconds.

All done and ready to go to work!