Dear Jackie,

Sorry to miss your BIG screening last night, Baker told me it was a huge success and that the Paparazzi went wild. I can only imagine the endless flutes of champagne, the hunks and the glitz. I was on my way over on the private jet, but you know that rock star I went to Monaco with, well he has become such a pain. He said he did not want to return to the UK, as lately his (rather famous) wife has been acting all sorts of shady. Apparently she has become obsessed with a child she once gave up for adoption and has turned to the darker sides of crazy...he was scared that if he returned with me, she might go mad and try to strangle me. Shucks, like she would be able to have her crazy ways with me. Anyway, I got stuck in southern France, stuck in the way I like to get stuck, in between silk sheets with a cocktail in had.
Are we on for our Paris Connections next week? Under the Eiffel Tower?

Congrats again love, I heard rumors about an Oscar for best screen play!

Slightly Bored