Dear Jackie,

I am very sad that you are going. London is going to miss you!! It has been so much fun watching Jackie Collins TV and listening to Jackie Collins radio. Most of all, I will miss seeing you in person. I had so much fun at the Jackie Collins Paris Connections premier. Stay tuned for more pictures and a review of the Paris Connections premier.

Tomorrow you are leaving London and I will be left looking at your glamorous books and DVDs covers. Please keep me updated on your fabulous celebrity lunch appointments and charity events via twitter. I want to know all the gossip. I will be watching out for your new books, Goddess of Vengeance, Lucky's cookbook, and the much anticipated Jackie Collins celebrity snapshot look book. I can't wait.

Oh by the way, lets talk more about my cameo role in your next Tesco's production Vegas Connections. My favorite city!

See you back in London in March! Stay tuned for a Goddess of Vengeance book launch event!