Dear Jackie,

Did you know that Estella Warren was a champion Olympic Synchronized Swimmer? No, she is not just a pretty face. I love that scene of her in Sly's film "Driven" where she shows off her synchro moves. There were a few years running where Estella had the monopoly on all of the Chanel No5 ads in fashion magazines, I do hope she got paid.

I have a bottle of Chanel No5. I only wear it when I want that extra bit of glamorous. Champagne cocktail in hand, painted nails, hair done, high heels, and a whiff of Chanel No5. Its a great combination that gets me feeling saucy. What's your favorite scent?

I'm loving the run up to Christmas with all the expensive perfume ads on the tube. It gives me that warm fuzzy feeling to see those 20-30 seconds of ridiculous amounts of money spent on advertisement. Perfume sales being one of life's little commodities that makes the world go round. It's a piece of affordable luxury branding that even peasants can afford this time of year.

Merry Christmas!