Jackie Collins pontificates about The Stud:
Sarah Baker: Tony Blake, The Stud, is a highly sexualized character. Tell us about this sexualized male character in relation to popular culture...
Jackie Collins: I know. Well, he was based on a real life character that ran a discothèque that my husband owned. And that’s what happened, I mean, the women would come in and discuss him like a piece of meat. He was actually having an affair with a very young girl and there was the older woman and I observed the whole thing. He’s an interesting character to write about because- don’t forget, The Stud came out 1969 or 1970 so it was the end of the 60s, the end of an era. The Stud was the guy that women really went after as opposed to guys going after women. It was the time of the Beatles and the Rolling Stones. Everybody was just becoming famous, the swinging 60s of London.

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