Dear Jackie,

Today Dawn and I are doing our annual chocolate bunny distribution with all the furry animals on the prairie. So we got out our old fashioned stage coach, put on our "Little House on The Prairie" outfits, threw some wild flowers and furry animals in the back, and off we went! It's so great to do something for others one day a year.

What are you doing for your holiday weekend?

Little House on the Prairie Quote:
Nellie Oleson: Hello, Laura.
Laura: Hi, Nellie.
Nellie Oleson: Willie told me all about your class project. Hows
yours coming?
Laura: I havent started it yet.
Nellie Oleson: I see. It must be very hard tracing all your
relatives. Names and everything. Have to spend all that time in the
forest or wherever it is youre from.
Laura: Its called the Big Woods and Ill manage thank you.
Nellie Oleson: You know the Oleson family goes all the way back to
royalty. We come from heads of state and titles for most of my
Laura: Like Nero and Ivan the Terrible?