Dear Jackie,

I am so over Makos! The moment i went back to the office he became obsessive and needy. He even threatened to tell his wife about us (She already knows- there have been several pictures in the press of us sneaking out of restaurants and hotels in Iceland for weeks now!)
Anyhow, i am bored of Shipping tycoons in general and am getting more into arts and crafts etc.
I met this fabulous author the other day (Not as fab as you of-course). He seemed very intrigued with my stories and now wants to write a novel based on my life. He says it has such depth and is genuinely meaningful. I have asked around and apparently he is well known for writing novels about grounded, serious people who deals with problems that they come across in a mature and correct manner. Perhaps i will let him in on some of my tales. What do you think- would you allow for another author to write about me, i know i have promised you the first rights.

Intellectual regards from me,