Dear Jackie,

Have you seen the recent news- that Milli Vanilli are actually lip-syncing? And what I mean by that is that they are not actually singing live on stage, but just moving their mouths to match the pre-recorded music. Can you believe that? They are SO HOT and sadly, it's over for them. Poor guys, they just wanted to get out from behind their desk jobs and make a good honest living for themselves. Problem is, their jobs are not completely honest.

But then, who is honest? I mean, are we meant to believe that all of the singers and pop performers that we love are actually being honest with us? It does not take much research to uncover the truth about our most beloved artists.

The good old days when singers were good singers are long gone. Whitney Houston gets so much slack for singing off key in her recent comeback concert, but at lease we know she is actually singing live. So she has a little cold, obviously, and perhaps a bad drug addiction to boot. But it seems like the paying public criticize both reality and fantasy, and I cant say that I agree with them either way. IT'S ALL A FANTASY. I will miss Milli Vanilli. And Whitney Houston and me go WAY back.
- Sarah